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Post a 'then' picture! Come-on be brave! Here is an example of a really good 'then' photo!
Post a "then" picture! Come-on be brave! Here is an example of a really good "then" photo!
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Post a "now" picture! Come on, be brave! Here is an example of a very nice, contemporary photograph!
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Joe Allmond
Profile picture
Profile picture
Pastor Married 2
I was an addictions/mental health therapist and program administrator for 27 years, then taught social sciences at Delaware Tech Wilmington and Dover for 13 years. Retired from Delaware Tech in 2001, returned to school and became a pastor in 2008. Currently serving a small, three church, Presbyterian Parish in rural Central Virginia.

I also volunteer with the Lake Monticello Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad Auxiliary and the Lake Monticello Water Safety Patrol.
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Carol Wilder (Anderson)
November 05, 1950 Retired Public School Teacher Married 2
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Jesse Baldwin
Profile picture

I can see by the pictures on this website, the Newark High School reunion was an unparalleled success.  I haven't seen so many smiling faces since graduation day.  What is it about the four years spent in high school that hold so much fascination for us?  I suppose there's a Freudian explanation for the need to return, relive those moments and reconnect with people we haven't seen for over forty years.

Speaking about reconnecting, Dave Hudson doesn't need to reconnect with the 60's dance steps.  He still commands attention on the dance floor.  And Ann Stayton has the same captivating smile, that had so many 17 year old boys daydreaming about her in study hall.

I hope everyone will visit Jan Hadley's website and take a look at the yacht he restored.  It was said that Michelangelo beheld, as if in a vision,  the already sculpted image inside the block of uncut marble, before he took up his chisel.  This may also have been the case with Jan's vision of resurrecting a work of art, from a rotted and neglected hull.  Check out his website and witness this remarkable transformation, and his beautiful, classic yacht. 

Congratulations to Jack Hocutt for publishing his novel.  His accomplishment will serve as an inspiration for me.

Seeing the pictures of everyone really made my day, but none more than seeing Coach Ciesinski in good health and looking great!  I saw qualities in him, that I would have liked to have seen in my own father.

Sorry to have missed the reunion this time around.  Hopefully, I'll be able to attend the next one.  Congratulations to Mike Dutton for this very well designed website, and to all those responsible for this incredible reunion!

PS:  If anyone would like to contact me, I would like to hear from you.  My email address is: and my mailing address is:  Jesse Baldwin, 1713 N 10th Street, Washougal, Washington, 98671

Class of 1966  

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Tom Barr
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Profile picture
Married 2
I know this is "after the fact", but I decided to enter it   even so.  I 'm not one for writing  good 'bios'.  Besides I said it all those two evenings anyway. 

 It was great to see everyone Friday and Saturday nights. I really enjoyed seeing everyone, and apologize if I  failed to pay attention to someone. I meant no slight.   There were deffinitely many I should have liked to have  seen again  who couldn't make it.  A loss for all of us.  (Take note Sally A..  I missed you.  And Robyn.  And Lois Y.  And Terry D...among many others.)

Happy holidays everyone,   and may this next year be the best yet.

 The next three years  will be another  milestone for my wife Ashear and me. We're experiencing  empty nest syndrome of sorts. ( I know,  we started later than some)  While our youngest is only 18 miles away at Penn State,  our oldest and her husband are  moving to Ft Sill, Okla. where he'll be an instructor at the artillary school run by the Marine Corp..  A 9 hr. drive to Camp LeJeune seemed a far distance for the past couple years.   20+ hrs away,  now seems like across the world. But we'll find  reason enought o make the trip, I'm sure.  (who knows...maybe a grandkid....just sayin...)

 So enjoy the family , far and wide,  this time of the year.  And may they all be safe and sound thruout.

Class of 1967
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Sharon Austin (Bloom)
September 25, 1949 Writer, Yoga Teacher Married 2
 Hi Everyone!

I can't wait to see you all and reconnect.  Eeks! I'm sure we're all thinking that it can't really be 45 years.

Class of 1967
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Marilyn Jay (Bradley)
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December 08, 1947 Registered nurse Married 2

I left NHS after 11th grade and graduated from the U of D in 1969 with a degree in nursing. I sometimes regret not having a senior year, but the opportunity arose and I took it. After that I went to the University of Colorado, and I've lived in Colorado ever since. I'm not retired yet, but I think about it. We're like a lot of baby boomers, still hanging on to the income.

I've never made it to a reunion because of the distance, but I'm enjoying catching up with some of you on the website. I guess I'm sort of a westerner now, but I have great memories of growing up in Newark.

Class of 1966

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Mary Ann Harkins (Brown)
September 20, 1950 Retired Married 2
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Rhonda Machulski (Brown)
June 26, 1950 Married 3
 Married 40 years to my best friend, John Brown. His love for the outdoors has had me on countless hikes and mountain bike rides, all across the country. We have 3 handsome sons, 3 beautiful daughter-in-laws, and 5 adorable grandchildren.

Retiring after 32 years at Avon. I am now pursuing my life long passion of photography. Had I known back in 1966, that girls were allowed in the photography club, I am sure my career would of taken a different path. I just never got up the nerve to ask. However, over the years, I continued to work on my skills and kept the dream alive. I am a memeber of the Delaware Photographic Society, Special T (a photography group for special needs children), and a member of (I find great joy in documenting one of the most joyous times in our lives, welcoming a new being), I shoot with my heart, and strive to capture the love and emotion of my subjects.

I cherish all my friends dearly, and enjoy getting together... contact me...I'd love to meet for coffee.

words of wisdom: please remember to PAY IT FORWARD.

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Gail Maclary (Chickersky)
March 08, 1949 Retired Single
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Frederick Christian
January 01, 1950 Administrative Law Judge Married 2
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