The Deer Park Hotel, Newark Delaware. (Uploaded by Ann Stegner Gladwin)
(1st Picture in this album)

REUNION 2007 - Classes of '66, '67 & '68 - VOL III

Here are a variety of pictures, taken and uploaded by those from Newark High School Classes of 1966, 1967 and 1968 who attended their "40th" class reunion activities from September 7 through September 9, 2007.

Thanks to Jane Hartman Segal, Charlie Gibb, Pete Eggink, Cora Mitchell Petrucci,  Rhonda Machulski Brown, Phyllis Tucker-Saunders, Cyndi Mueller Funk, Barbara Shelton Moody, Betsy Lambert and Pat Walker Mroz  for providing their photographs!!

Everyone is invited to upload photographs. If you have any questions please contact the webmster, he'll be happy to provide assistance and will try hard to answer your questions.

The webmaster would greatly appreciate your help. When reviewing the photographs in this album, if you run across a photo that is incorectly labeled or not labeled at all, please let me know. Please identify the photo by number and then let me know what the appropriate correction or addition is.
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