This IS the perfect place to share photographs you've taken during the recent Reunion 2017 festivities. Please upload your photographs from any of these events in the corresponding album!
   - Deer Park Reception (Friday)
   - Committee Brunch & Setup (Saturday)
   - Saturday Evening Banquet
   - Sunday Brunch

iphone/Mac users: Rotate photos before you post them.  Open photo file in Preview, rotate to vertical if needed, "export" with a new file name to your folder, then select the new file from NHS-carpediem page. 

Help ID people where requested and send corrections to webmaster.  Enjoy.

Look below for a photo album showing the very first KRAWEN from the Class of 1941!  Some of you might be surprised to find a picture of a close relative, Mom, or Dad, Uncle or Aunt. There were even a few teachers working for Newark High School back then whose careers were long enough that they also taught some of us when we were in school!!


Upload multiple photos at a time by clicking on
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Pictures that show up sideways need to be rotated offline and need to be uploaded again.