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mass senior day-skip
I remember the day when some of us skipped school ( maybe alot). This was all prearranged ( didn't we all think we were cool. and this was something we thot was new and, of course, unique). A bunch of us met up at the Pancake House and hung out there for a while, then went on our individual and/or small group ways. Anyway, school admin. somehow looked at the absentee lists and thot.........hmmmmm, maybe something is up! So if memory serves me well, ( Robby Wilson, help me here. Weren't you on the yearbook staff and got drafted to ID somehow? ), someone ( Bill McClain? whose nickname we all remember and will go unmentioned out of respect, at least now after all the years) got a list of the extra curricular groups, ie: yearbook photos, etc., and matched names with said groups?
And behold! The absentee list was errily similar to names on some of the groups. oops. I can't remember the details, but many of us ended up receiving a 'NO EXCUSE' for the day. Maybe a few phone calls to parents? A minor note on our school file, to be sure (being our senior year. big deal,) but it deffinitely took us all-too-cool seniors down a peg or two.
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Hell, for me, every third day was a "Cut Day." (...and the shortest distance between two points was an angle.) My attendance depended upon the weather. On the unofficial "official" Cut Day, I went water skiing with Jimmy Mac. After awhile, I ran out of ailments for excuses. It got down to pelegra, rickets, dysentery, demonic possession, acute apathy, et al. Even when I WAS sick, I had to re-write my mother's excuses.......the school had never seen her handwriting.
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