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Pete Dawson
Last month in the Sunday News Journal was an article about a U.S. Marine who took a diary from a dead North Vietnamese soldier in 1966 as a souvenir. The Marine decided he wanted to give the diary...
Last Post: Oct 4th 2012
Author: Coovero
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Tau Zeta's "Wizard of Oz"
2nd try...........Anyway, I remember Tau Zeta's very off-Broadway production of The Wizard of Oz. I can still picture Krit (Dorothy) turning around and singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," quite...
Last Post: Mar 7th 2007
Author: Snake
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mass senior day-skip
I remember the day when some of us skipped school ( maybe alot). This was all prearranged ( didn't we all think we were cool. and this was something we thot was new and, of course,...
Last Post: Feb 26th 2007
Author: TBARR
# of posts: 2