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Dorothy Sporay (Diggins)
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September 06, 1950 Administrative Assistant, Hem/BMT, College of Medicine, University of Kentucky Married 3
We moved to Kentucky 7 years ago after visiting my husband's cousin and her horse farm for several summers.  We fell in love with Kentucky and it's beauty and bought a small horse farm for our horses.  We've met some wonderful people here and have a special group of friends that we camp and ride with.  We have found our passion and are enjoying our remaining years doing what we love.  We've traveled as far west as South Dakota and Arkansas with our horses so far.  We've ridden in all of the neighboring states around Kentucky and will continue riding as long as we can and hopefully well into retirement.

Class of 1968
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Mary Ludlow (Duket)
May 06, 1949 Financial Analyst Divorced 3
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Ellen Dunn
credit analyst Single
I live currently live in New Hampshire.  I have lived in Texas, Florida, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Vermont long enough to need driver's licenses.  Hobby is stained glass, glass etching, and glass painting. Passion is belle canto opera.  I graduated from the U OF D with a degree in psychology.  Spent 20 plus years as a corporate credit manager in the winter sporting goods industry.  I was pushed out by several poor snow years and inept upper management.  Lynn Eastburn sent me this link. Send Ellen a MessageSend Ellen a Message
Michael Dutton
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Retired Married 1
I graduated with the Class of 1967. Joined the US Navy in 1967. Married in 1977. Retired from the Navy in 1993. Worked for 5 years as a Program Manager of two large maintenance contracts with the U.S. Navy for a small business known as Frontier Engineering.
I am now semi- retired with a small part-time job working as a courier for a local developer, Terry-Peterson Residential Companies, LLC.

We have one daughter and one son-in-law. We also have two wonderful grandchildren!

In the meantime, I am too darn busy taking care of all-you-all's pictures and stuff to entertain you with my own bio. Anyone interested in the REALLY LONG story is welcome to visit Ancestry.Com and look for the "Extended DUTTON Tree." You should also be able to do a GOOGLE Search for same.

Maybe by 2017, I'll have the where-with-all and enough gumption to take the time to write something a bit more detailed.

In the meantime, just imagine something. You'll probably be close to the truth anyway!!
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Joan Loewenstein (Engel)
September 16, 1949 Retired Teacher Married 3
Hello all,
I had a lovely time at the reunion pre-game at the Deer Park last Friday! Everyone looked fantastic--like no time has passed. 
I retired from 36 years of  teaching; each year better than the last. There have been so many changes in education and I have tried to be outspoken in support of students and teachers. I ran for School Board in May and happily, I won. My swearing in and first meeting will be later this month. I have a long list of items that I want our district to consider. I am excited to continue to have my foot  in the door of our schools. Interestingly, the Superintendent of my district is Dan Shelton, nephew of Barbara Shelton Moody!
​I have three daughters. Nora, who accompanied me to the Deep Park, lives with her husband Mark right behind me--there is a park between us, but needless to say that doesn't limit visits. Nora is a Marketing Rep for Bayhealth Hospital. Molly, my second child, is married and lives in Brooklyn with her husband Kevin. She teachers in Statin Island and received her Master's in Elementary and Special Education at LIU Post. My  baby Lily, just graduated from Wesley and she will begin her MBA this fall. Her boyfriend, Adrian, will be leaving for San Antonio, where he will learn to fly airplanes. He cross-commissioned from the Naval Academy to the Air Force. Lily and Adrian will begin a two week cross-country road trip to get him settled in his new digs. Then, back to Dover for studies for her.
​My husband Chris, retired several years ago. He kept a blog for all of the softball teams for which Lily played. He finished as she completed her senior year at Wesley. He has been asked to continue the blog and it is still under consideration.
​We have a dog Charlie who has grown old as have we. He is as gray as I am but he has not lost his joie de vivre.
​Many of you may remember my sisters Mary and Suzanne. They are both doing well. Mary makes incredible pottery in a lovely studio her husband has built for her. Mary can often be see at the Newark Farmer's Market  selling her pottery. Suzanne and her husband travel the world, raise bees and care for their adorable dogs. My brother Pete, married to Robbie Wilson's sister Joan, is doing well. He continues working as a surveyor while battling Parkinson's.
​Hope this isn't TMI; I got lost in the excitment of seeing old friends at the Deer Park, and I was lost in the fog that 3 Cosmos can render. I don't feel that I got around to see everyone. I hope we can meet again.
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Martin Dana Frazier
April 06, 1948 retired Married 2
13 June 1966 was long ago and a continent away.
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Richard Fulton
March 14, 1948 retired teacher/own lawnmowing business Married 2
I have been married for 39 years.  We have two children, Olivia who is married to Jason Bush and has two wonderful children, Hayden and Cambell.  Hayden is in first grade and Cambell will go to kindergarten in the fall.  Our son Adam is a Captain in the U.S. Army.  He is currently serving in Aftangastain. He is an MP.  He was married this past January to Rachel.  They were both stationed in Washington State at Ft. Lewis and hope to return there after Adam's deployment.  We live in Carthage, TN -  a rural area that we love.  Hope to see you all in October.

Class of 1966
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Cynthia (Cyndi) Mueller (Funk)
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Committed Relationship 2
Hi everyone!

What a fabulous site; thanks so much for making it.

I graduated U of D in '70 and married 6 days later.  Taught in 3 elementary schools for 7 years while hubby was going to Med. School.  Became his Office Manager in '85 and stayed in that position until '98, when I divorced him.

I started my own business; I am a Sr. BeautiControl Consultant.  I run my business from home.  In 2005 I started Contract Teaching in the Colonial School District, which I love!  So far I have taught Reading to 3rd and 5th graders and Math to 4th and 5th graders.

I have 2 grown children.  My daughter is expecting a baby boy in Sept. and he is my first grandchild.  She is currently a General Manager with Ruby Tuesday.  My son is an Attorney with Hudson, Jones, Jaywork & Fisher in Dover and also Majority Caucus Attorney.

I became engaged (what?  I did that again??) 5 years ago to a great guy who is totally my opposite.  He lives in PA but we see each other often.  No wedding plans  yet; I'm still afraid that marriage is the kiss of death.

Looking forward to hearing from lots of my classmates.

Class of 1966
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Roger Getty
August 22, 1950 Retired Married 2
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Charlie Gibb

Class of 1966

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