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Brian Ginty
October 02, 1948 Married 2
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Fran Groot
retired Single Again 1
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Jan Hadley
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World's Foremost Authority Married 2
Sold the Yacht and closed the business. (We're burnt out on the cruise business and too damned old to be nice to strangers for money!) Going back to Tahiti for awhile to mellow out. I'll be in Hershey for the antique car meet the weekend of the reunion but might show up at the Deer Park.

We lost a lot of our friends since the last reunion.  Jody and Steve hit me particularly hard as well as the loss of my best friend from my Brookside days. Spoil yourselves...take your pleasure seriously...wait for nothing.

Class of 1967
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Jan Hadley
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Captain/Owner, Matriarch Cruises, Inc. Married 2

To Whom It May Concern:

I was (am?) the original Bart Simpson. (I didn’t do it!) High school bored me. With few exceptions, my teachers were simply paycheck collectors. Their monologues plodded along at the pace of the slowest person in the class. I seldom attended, finding almost anything more interesting, even sleep. The prospect of college had zero appeal. (At least I didn't piss away four years and my parent's money as an "undeclared" student of psychology.) Besides, I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up…still don’t.

For the record, I thought that Ruth Mayer was the absolute hottest girl in school. She didn't even know me...then or now.

I did two tours in Vietnam on a helicopter carrier and single-handedly stemmed the tide of communist aggression in Southeast Asia, evidenced by the fact the Saigon fell right after I left. In 1970, I married Peggy Thornton (William Penn, 1968), to whom I was introduced in the form of a blind date set up by Babs Johnson. This past July 18 was year 37. We have a son, Charlie, 36, a Vice President of First USA Bank, and a daughter, Katie, 33, M.Ed., Clemson, 1996, who is the itinerant counselor for emotionally handicapped students in Pickens county, SC.

After fumbling through a series of try-on occupations (duPont, insurance, big band drummer, mentor to the unenlightened, et al) I incorporated my own general contracting firm in 1982 and never looked back. I have the greatest boss in the world, although I do very little contracting these days. You may have seen our website: This "brainstorm" was actually Peggy’s idea. I just wanted the damn yacht! There’s nothing quite like owning a big toy that makes big money! Hell, it’s what I’d be doing anyway if I were retired.

We moved to the thriving metropolis of West Union, SC (one red light, 1 cop) in 1996, after I had designed and built (myself) "the big dream house" on Lake Keowee, right next to a gorgeous 25’ two-tier waterfall. Our 2,000 sq. ft. basement is my restoration/tinker shop and O gauge train room.

Peggy "retired" herself in 1996 in order to become a full-time "domestic goddess." We have six grandchildren, three of whom live locally in Walhalla, SC.

I’ve restored 5 antique cars (teens and 1920's), two of which were Hemming’s Motor News cover cars. I’ve also restored two houses (for resale) and four antique boats. Currently, I'm nearly finished my semi-autobiographical novel about growing up in Brookside. It's also my justification for being weird.

I suppose I’m the classic under-achiever but what the hell…I did it my way and really have no regrets. We're healthy, wealthy and happy as clams. I promised Peggy when I proposed, "It will never be boring." She claims that I have more than kept that promise…exponentially. We’ve discovered the meaning of life: Living! We do it every day…wide open. I strongly recommend it. 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Gotto go... Ed McMahon's at the door.

Y’all take care now, y’hear?



The reunion was a real trip for us, particularly the social at the Deer Park. I left Patty Jo Cronin (Hocutt) at 16...she showed up there at 56! happy as ever. 

Many were conspicuous by their absence: Krit, Podie, Lucy, the Lois',  the Joans, Titty Patty, Teddy, Good Gray, Valiente, Lefonzo, Clyde C. Clyde and so many others. Where the hell are you guys? I also seem to have missed Ruth Mayer...and probably my last chance to worship from afar. 

However, for those of us who chose to "Be there" (not square), it was a chance to pick up where we left off. As they say, we seemed to remember only the good times.

To Gail Weber, Jodie and Birdlegs...y'all still know how to have fun. Let's all go out on Creek Road and get drunk next time.

Sue Kosey're still gorgeous!

To the several who threatened to come down to Dixie and cruise...We'll be waiting. Don't make us come up and give y'all an ass-wuppin'.

To everyone...I'll catch you in 10. 


P.S. I have decided to put off dying indefinately. Peggy thinks it would be too inconvenient.

P.P.S. Hey Tom...If old age is a gift, how do I return it for credit?

Class of 1967

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George Hale
August 17, 1949 College Professor Married 3
I live in Lutherville, Md with my wife of 34 years, Lynn Johnston Hale.  We have three chldren Lauren (age 27), Caroline (age 20 and a U of Del. sophmore), and Brendan (age 14).

After retiring as Chief Executive of the Baltimore County Revenue Authority in 2009 and after 30 years in federal, state and local government, I joined the Political Science Department of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania where I teach public administration, leadership and state and local goernment.  I have also taught part-time in recent years at the University of Delaware and Towson University.

Lynn and I moved to the Balitmore area in 1993 after I left state government after working for Delaware governnors Pete du Pont and Mike Castle.

I still visit Newark and the area regularly to visit Caroline at the University of Delaware, to see U. of D football, and to visit my wife's family in West Grove and Chadd's Ford.

Class of 1967

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George Allen Hart
Married 2
 Class of 1966

In the 1966 yearbook as Allen G. Hart.
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John Hearn
August 03, 1949 Retired N/A Divorced 1
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Jack Hocutt
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Physician Married 3

OK Robbie and Chuck, you’ve inspired me.  I enjoyed reading about you both so I guess I should divulge some of the things I’ve been doing. 


I’ve had a great life so far – 3 perfect daughters, a good career, and now a perfect wife.  I am truly blessed to be married to Patti Jo Cronin.  She’s amazing.  We’ve promised each other 40 more years.


After NHS, I went to the University of North Carolina (Chemistry, Psychology, and soccer) and then on to Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia.  I’m now a family and sports medicine physician in north Wilmington.  Being a family physician is absolutely fascinating and I’ve been fortunate my career has included many good times.  I’m the family doctor for three thousand delightful patients, I was the head team physician for the US Olympic Luge team for two Olympics, the team physician for Salesianum, Brandywine, and Ursuline (still), I was selected as a Top Doc for Delaware, I published 45 medical articles and textbook chapters and two textbooks, I am faculty for Jefferson Medical School and a former President of the Delaware Academy of Family Physicians, and I’m an Aviation Medical Examiner.


When my first daughter was born, I surmised I would soon no longer have much time or money, so I promptly got my pilot’s license.  Since then, I’ve had three twin engine airplanes and have over 2,000 hours of time as a pilot and a flight instructor.  I’ve flown through blizzards and the outskirts of hurricanes – truly awesome.


My oldest daughter Beth Lyn is finishing medical school (Jefferson), Jill is in grad school at VCU, and Kelly decided to turn down sports scholarship offers and go to one to the most expensive universities in the US – Vanderbilt.  Fortunately, she did get an academic scholarship.  Beth Lyn was the US Eastern Region Junior All Around Water Ski Champion and Jill was the captain of the William and Mary Field Hockey team.


My community service experience includes being the founder and director of the Annual Kids v Cancer basketball marathon receiving honors from the American Cancer Society, being the event physician for several sports fundraisers, and doing medical mission work in Belize with my daughter Beth Lyn.


I wrote a novel about gene therapy in sports called Olympic Sacrifice.  It’s sold about 1,000 copies, but it’s in need of a serious publisher so if anyone has connections, I could use the help – I don’t have the time or experience to market the book (although I now own the copyright).  If you want to buy a copy, call my office (475-7800).  If you want a free copy, come visit us and I’d be honored to give you one.


For sports, I still play baseball in a very competitive league with 18 teams and we go to the national championships each November in Florida.  I also train for water ski jumping and compete nationally.  Patti Jo has just taken up water ski jumping at the young age of 56 – I told you she was amazing (and fearless).  Hopefully we’ll both make nationals next year!


Please contact us at home 475-6694 or my office 475-7800.  If you’d like to email me, call my office and give them your email address so I can add you to my mailbox before you write.  I get so many junk emails with work, my inbox is now limited to those in my mailbox.  My email is


It is a little weird writing about yourself, but please everyone get over that and do so.  It is great reading about everyone with whom I grew up and the direction they took in life – so we need more of you to write.


See you all soon.



Class of 1967

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Rod Hougentogler
December 16, 1950 Program Manager Married 4

Class of 1968

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Robert Hubbard
Profile picture
Profile picture
Customer Service Married 4
I will always remember the years at NHS.

Class of 1966
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