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Linnet Powel (Hultin)
July 06, 1948 Manager of a Spice Company on Cape Cod Single Again 2
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Carol Mays (Hunt)
November 25, 1948 retired Married 3
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T. Wayne n/a (Hurd)
May 27, 1947 retired Married 2
"Take it to the limit one more time!"

Class of 1967
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Dave Hutchinson
lawyer Married 2
I would love to have a 50th reunion of our class in 2018, but am not very interested in a multi-class reunion.

Dave Hutchinson, Class of 1968
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Madeline Reidinger (Johnson)
January 13, 1949 Mom - Retired Flight Attendant and Retired Adapted PE Teacher for special needs kids Married 3
I am SO excited to see everyone at our 50th reunion!
        I never got someone elses dry cleaning or pictures until I became a "Johnson".   Reidinger was pretty distinctive, but it has been worth it!   33 years and 3 terrific kids later, Greg (a career Marine aviator) and I are now empty nesters.    We had 2 kids who graduated from  West Point:   our oldest son and our baby girl.   Christie is still in the Army - she is a Black Hawk helicopter pilot who went to Afghanistan for 9 months and commanded a Black Hawk platoon of all guys - she is currently at Ft. Campbell, KY.     Our oldest got out of the Army after doing his time for the privilege of going to the Academy.   He is a nuclear engineer, up in Boston and  is married to a wonderful girl.  They have our  grand dog, Henry B. (Bedhead) Johnson.   Our middle son, is a jazz saxophone player with a doctorate from USC, who is teaching at Marin County High School for the Arts - just north of San Francisco.   He has put out numerous CD's and also writes music and does gigs all over the world in his spare time.   Last summer, he toured with the Indy pop band, St. Motel.   We are all too old to know who they are  :)       Greg and I both agree that our kids are our greatest life-accomplishments.
        Newark High MUST have been a pretty terrific school when we went there.   About 18 years ago, I had to take the National Teacher's exam to get my teaching credentials for PA.   MOST of the questions were things I had learned in high school!
        The school was good, but you all are what made it great!   Can't wait to see you all this weekend!
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Karen Vogelsang (Kendall)
December 16, 1949 Married 1
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Terry Kitson
psychologist Married 2
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Mary Kranz
Profile picture
Profile picture
May 12, 1948 Director/ESOL teacher- literacy org Single 1
Wasn't I voted 'most likely to be a doting grandma?'

Class of 1966
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Alfred Kravitz
May 01, 1950 retired Separated 2

Please see my Guest Book Entry. I am looking for RHONDA MACHULSKI.

Class of 1968

Steve Lacey
September 08, 1948 retired Married 1
retired from feds and retired as texas state teacher. Send Steve a MessageSend Steve a Message
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