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Barbara Wirick (Poore)
teacher 2

Class of 1967

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Steve Preston
February 07, 1949 Retired Married 2
Looking to connect with Tommy Eppes (Betsy's brother).  Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Send Steve a MessageSend Steve a Message
Susan Bingaman (Ramsey)
January 01, 1948 retired Divorced 1
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Wayne Rigby
retired Married 2
Went to U. of Del. after HS and found a job teaching in Seaford DE.  Found I liked both lower slower Delaware and teaching.  Met my wife Julie there (38 years and counting).  Got a masters and took a sabatical to try research but went back to teaching, which I did not regret.  However, 30 years was enough and my wife and I retired together.  Since retiring we have enjoyed sailing (something I have done since HS) and working with the Volunteer Fire Dept. in Seaford. 

We have also travelled throughout the US, mostly to visit our two daughters at various colleges.  Our oldest, Jane, is an astronomer working for NASA and her sister Beth a PHD candidate in conservation biology.

Wayne Rigby Class of 1966
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Mark Rothacher
Profile picture
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Retired Banker - Commercial and Residential Lender and Approver Married 2
I am still married to a fine young lady I met at the University of Utah, Patricia (Pat) from Ogden, Utah.  We have been married since October 1979.  We have two boys Nick and Jack that graduated from the University of Utah and the University of Arizona respectively.  Nick has a Masters Degree in Education Administration and an MBA. He lives in Phoenix and is process of starting a company to match university students with scholarships. Jack is a CPA and MBA working in San Francisco for a venture capital firm. 
I worked for several banks here in Salt Lake making Commercial Real Estate Loans on apartments, shopping centers, warehouses, and office buildings.  For the last 8 years I was approving Residential Construction loans for Zions Bank. I retired at the end of 2015.  Pat worked for our local transit system preparing environmental reports for their new rail lines. She now works part time for the University of Utah helping underprivileged students in high school get scholarships to the University of Utah.
I love living in Utah with all its outdoor activities.  We ride mountain bikes and hike in the summer in the mountains and ski and ride our mountain bikes and hike in the deserts of Southern Utah in the winter. Now that we are retired we are traveling even more. We like to take trips to warm places in the winter and we just got back from a fantastic 3 week driving trip around France. Great food, wine, and sites!!!
The photo of our family was taken last New Year's Eve 2016 in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, where my cousin has a house they let us use. The young man on the left is Jack 31.  Nick is 34. Shannon is Jack's fiance and they are to be married this August. 
Life goes by fast. 
Hope all is well with you.

Class of 1967
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Mary Ann Berger (Ryan)
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August 23, 1949 Teacher /retired 2016 Married
After 44 delightful years of teaching, from 1st grade to the university level, I decided to retire with my husband, who had retired in 2011.  We have loved traveling in Europe, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada and many parts of the U.S. (California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Virginia, New York, and South Carolina) and have now settled down (a little bit) and bought a house in Rehoboth.  We still have many things going on in Newark, so we haven't completely settled down.  Although I miss teaching somewhat, I love being retired and free to swim, visit with friends and dance whenever I want to.  I still keep up with French and Spanish, and I am learning Italian.  We hope to be able to visit the Amalfi Coast some time in the future.  I loved seeing everyone at the 50th reunion!  I wish everyone a wonderful summer and a very happy life! Send Mary Ann a MessageSend Mary Ann a Message
Thomas Sarver
October 05, 1949 Sarver Plumbing, LLC Married 4
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Denise Wilder (Schwartz)
Elementary school principal Married 2
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Charles C Scott
June 14, 1949 retired Married 3
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Susan L. (Sue) Thompson (Shotzberger)
May 10, 1949 retired Married 3
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