Newark High School, Newark, Delaware
50th Reunion Celebration
Classes of 1966 – 1967 – 1968
June 23 – 25, 2017

We are up and running – ready for reservations, and full of information!

Here’s a quick walk through of how to make your reservations:


  • Click “Events” tab to read all about it

  • Click “Reservations” tab to act on it

    • Now you have choices

      • Indicate the event(s) you will be attending (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

      • If you are attending on Saturday evening, choose a payment method

        • Decide whether you will be completing a reservation form and mailing a check, payable to Barb Poore  (“Reservation Form” is shown in red, that’s your link)

        • OR decide you will be paying with a credit card (“Purchases” tab)

  • There is plenty more on the website, such as contact e-mails for the committee and hotel information.


Above courtesy of Gail, Class of '67!


Any Questions, please contact the WEBMASTER.